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Vanessa Morton - Author of Moonfall - Tales from the Levant







Moonfall: Tales from the Levant

Ranked #2 on Amazon: Teen & Young Adult 

Action & Adventure




Today we call her Rahab

Legend shrouds her in controversy 

Some say harlot, others say innkeeper 

Did Yericho fall in spite of her or because of her?

What really happened inside the walls?



Weaving historical fact with intriguing answers to what might have been, Moonfall strips away millennia of propaganda to reveal the heart of a remarkable young woman, struggling with the same themes as her modern counterparts—spiritual longing, social injustice, forbidden love, family loyalty, and whether to trust in an unseen God.   



What critics are saying about Moonfall:



Midwest Book Review 

    "Recommended for adult and young adult readers alike. There's a journey, there's danger, there's sibling interactions from rivalry to love, and there're political and spiritual threads throughout to keep readers riveted on characters and confrontations."

   ~ D. Donovan, e-book reviewer




Keele University Concourse Online

   "Moonfall by Vanessa Morton is written as an embroidered historical Biblical fiction ...  A thoroughly enjoyable story that proves itself to be both authentic and engrossing – action packed as it was, by the end I was left wanting more.

   ~  Jennifer Sadler-Venis




Young Adult Book Madness  

   "The blood oath scene will make your heart melt. It’s full of love, respect, and promises left unspoken and a raw loyalty and seriousness that leave you hunkering for more of Salma and Rachav."




Mallory Hearts Group Reviews

  "A uniquely intriguing tale which brings to vivid vibrancy life in the ancient Middle East, MOONFALL, the debut novel of Vanessa Morton, is deeply researched and historically accurate. Yet it's not dry and dusty, it's realistic, vibrant, and compelling. I raced through it, feeling as if I were an on-site observer, not just a reader. Even readers not usually drawn to historical fiction ought to love MOONFALL. I anticipate more from this author.

 ~ Mallory Anne Marie 




TiffyFits Reading Corner  

  "[Moonfall] takes a well-known story and delivers it in a well-woven way with a healthy dose of supernatural mysticism."

 ~ Tiffany H 




Crossroad Reviews 

  "It was a wonderful read … teen YA as well as those in the adult sections will love.  With magic, power, and the power to choose your fate our main character Rachav finds that every action has a consequence. "

  ~ Jessica Porter




   "Vanessa Morton has infused Biblical history with fiction to produce a novel that brings to life the history surrounding Israel's entrance into the land of promise. Peering inside both the camp of Israel and Jericho, the clash of societies meet, and God's promise is fulfilled. The author's imagination intertwines with fact and tells a story that is not soon forgotten." 

   ~  Fay Lamb, author of Stalking Willow, Better than Revenge, and Charisse




   "Through the lovely young Rachav's eyes, Vanessa Morton gives a stunning, accurately detailed portrayal of the life and times surrounding a real Biblical event in 1406 B.C.

   The fictional Rachav comes to life and represents women of courage and selflessness--from anywhere and any point in history ... With beautiful language and poignant storytelling, Morton inspires today's young women to be strong in faith and love. Congratulations to this debut author on a satisfying and memorable read! "

 ~  Cynthia T. Toney, author of Bird Face





  "The two things I loved most about this book were how she portrayed the relationship of Rachav and her twin Zaron … and feminine empowerment."

   ~  Kristen Chandler 

   "I loved the hints of romance I got between Rachav and Salma. [Moonfall] took a recognisable Biblical story of old, and mixed in elements of Fantasy."

   ~ Katrina Southern